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Pavati Ionized Water Systems LLC
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About Us

Pavati Ionized Water Systems LLC is an authorized dealer for Tyent USA.

We are located in Dunnville, KY in Casey County. We are 70 miles South of Lexington, KY and 95 miles North of Cookville, TN.

We learned about Ionized Alkaline water from my sister. Her husband had Melanoma Cancer and friends had told them about the healing properties of Alkaline water and cancer. By the time they got their machine, his cancer had worsened and he was not able to reap the benefits of Alkaline water. My sister has been drinking the water for the last 5 years and she said it has helped her pain, energy levels and overall well being.

My last visit with my sister was for 2 weeks. I drank the Alkaline water and I noticed a difference in how I felt. I had more energy and it seemed to make my intestinal waste more regular. I have GERD and when I drank Alkaline water I did not have any flare ups like I normally would.

I finally purchased my own machine and Martin and I use the water for our coffee, tea, cooking, drinking and we use the waste water (acid water) for cleaning.

This was the first time Martin drank Ionized Alkaline water and he confirmed I was not alone with how I felt after drinking it. He has more energy and his legs and feet do not hurt as much while working on his feet. His blood pressure readings went down so much his doctor cut his prescription in half. I had similar results, my blood pressure had been creeping up the last 2 yrs and after drinking the water for a couple of months my blood pressure readings went back to my normal range.

Martin believed in Ionized Alkaline water so much we decided to become a Tyent USA dealer in 2015.

If you have any questions, would like to sample Ionized Alkaline water or have a demo installed in your home for 30 days, give us a call or email us at Admin@PavatiWaterSystems.com

Alkaline water has changed my life.