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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a water ionizer?

A water ionizer is a device that separates tap water into alkaline and acidic streams of ionized water using the process of electrolysis.

How does a water ionizer work?

Water ionizers deliver an electrical charge to your water using a series of positively and negatively charged electrodes. The water containing the alkaline minerals and negatively charged ions are drawn to one outlet on the unit and the water containing acidic minerals and positively charged ions are drawn to another to create the alkaline and acidic ionized streams.

How can ionized water help improve my health?

Ionized alkaline water contains negatively charged ions and alkaline minerals that reduce cell damaging free radicals in your body to help restore and maintain a healthy pH balance.

Are there any side effects from drinking ionized water?

When first drinking ionized water you may notice some symptoms of detox as the water pulls toxins from your system. Headaches, mild cold-like symptoms and more frequent trips to the bathroom are not uncommon when you first start drinking the water – after that the only real side effects people notice are increased energy, improved immune system and overall health.

What is ORP?

ORP is “oxidation reduction potential” and refers to a substance’s ability to reduce oxidation. In ionized water ORP refers to the level of negative and positive ions available in the water.

How long after I start drinking ionized water will I start noticing results?

Most people will start noticing results within the first day or so after they start drinking the water. The first thing most people notice is an increase in energy levels – both mental and physical. Believe it or not, a headache or feeling like you’re coming down with a cold are both signs that the water is working. These are common symptoms of detox and are some of the ways your body deals with releasing excess toxins. The higher the negative number, the stronger the antioxidant power.

Won’t the alkalinity of the water just be neutralized when it hits the acids in my stomach?

Yes it will – and drinking ionized alkaline water can also neutralize some of the acids in your stomach – however the greatest benefits of the water come from the antioxidant properties of the water which are absorbed by the cells quickly.

Why is ionized water better than bottled water?

Ionized water is full of antioxidants and microclustered for better absorption by your body, better hydration and elimination of acidic waste and toxins in your system.

How long do the filters last?

In most cases the filters in your Tyent water ionizer will last six to nine months – it varies based on how much you use the unit and the quality of your source water, but six to nine months is the average.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t drink ionized water?

Yes – anyone who is being treated for chronic or severe kidney problems or on dialysis should not drink ionized water

I have a healthy diet, don’t drink, smoke or take any medications and I exercise on a regular basis – I’m healthy enough – so why should I get a water ionizer?

You live a healthy lifestyle so that you can enjoy a healthier longer life. Owning a water ionizer lets you take your healthy lifestyle to the next level – more effective elimination of free radicals your body produces by simply digesting food or acids produced by your muscles when you exercise. Owning a water ionizer gives you healthier options for taking care of your skin and hair – healthy alternatives to many chemical cleaners you use in your home – ionized water can be used to clean produce and enhance the flavor of your favorite healthy foods and recipes.

What kind of maintenance does a Tyent water ionizer require?

The only maintenance required on a Tyent water ionizer is changing the filters and running a cleaning cartridge once or twice a year. Keeping the exterior of your Tyent water ionizer clean only requires a soft damp cloth.

What’s in Tyent’s filters?

The first filter is primarily activated carbon for removing chlorine and other common contaminants. The second filter uses three types of ceramics for further contaminant removal and to precondition the water for ionization.

What contaminants do Tyent filters remove?

Contaminants like lead, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, bacteria and other common contaminants found in source water.

Why is drinking ionized alkaline water from a water ionizer better than drinking bottled alkaline water?

Ionized alkaline water is rich in antioxidants in the form of negative ions. Some bottled alkaline water will have a negative electrical charge but the antioxidant properties aren’t as strong as water from an ionizer. Also, depending on how the bottled water was transported and stored, changes in temperature can cause the water to lose its alkalinity and antioxidant benefits.

Isn’t water from a reverse osmosis filter better for you than any other kind of water?

Water from reverse osmosis systems is acidic and has no mineral content. The positive electrical charge of the water, acidity and unstructured water molecules are poorly absorbed by the body and do not offer the antioxidant properties or immune system support you get with ionized alkaline water. There are many who also believe that reverse osmosis water also draws minerals from the body.

Why is ionized water better than distilled water?

The simplest way to put it is that distilled water pulls essential minerals out of the body and ionized water helps put essential minerals found in tap water back into the body. Also, ionized water offers an abundant supply of antioxidants your body can use to remove toxins from the body to reduce acidity. Distilled water itself is not only acidic but is not well absorbed by the body.

Why should I pay so much for a water ionizer when I can just get a good water filtration system for a couple of hundred dollars?

A water filter removes common contaminants from the water making it safer to drink and use for cooking. A water ionizer removes contaminants from the water, microclusters the water molecules for better absorption by the body and creates negative ions – powerful antioxidants that reduce acidic waste and toxins in the body. A water ionizer also allows the user to create water at multiple pH levels for a variety of uses, not just for drinking.

Aren’t water ionizers just for people with health problems like diabetes or cancer or people trying to lose weight?

It’s true that water ionizers are considered medical devices in many countries and are widely used to treat a number of diseases – but they are also used to boost the immune system, reduce damage to cells that results in the signs of premature aging and prevent buildup of acidic waste and toxins that stress the circulatory system and organs – one of the primary causes of age related diseases. Even professional athletes and people who are overall in good health notice a difference in the mental and physical energy levels and
overall sense of wellbeing.